The sole purpose of any whitepaper is giving the reader the vital information to make informed decisions about the project in question. By providing the SOLANA PHANTOMS whitepaper we are helping you decide if we are a correct fit for your collection whether that be through its initial mint or through secondary sales. We offer this whitepaper as a guidance as to our intended plans for the project only. We cannot guarantee its successes or failures or its direction in operation due to external factors such as new law implementation or regulation of the crypto-verse.
It is meant to be a resource only, and SOLANA PHANTOMS bears no responsibility for the actions of the purchasers and financial implications that could arise from the decisions made based on the readers interpretation of the contents of this document. Key Audience: Crypto enthusiasts, NFT Holders, Digital Collectors, Gamers, Investors, Blockchain Developers, Computer enthusiasts and Entrepreneurs.
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